Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Derby Shirt

This weeks theme was 'Home.' So my design is a homeless guy warming himself in front of his box house, which opens up to a cave of wonders! He's living the dream. With his fancy chair and his stylish chandeliers....

Last weeks entry got rejected for some reason -which incited an online riot. (okay. 6 people were upset but still) Before being banished to rejection land, my design got up to 15th place. Which out of 250+ designs is pretty good. And then the Woot gods released their wraith upon my anthropomorphic bike riders. Oh well, maybe I'll have a chance to re-sub it for a different derby.


Braedy Tritthart said...

That shirt is awesome!

Teh Austin. said...

100% Agree.

I want these to win. and to have more money, so I can buy them.


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