Friday, April 16, 2010

Convention Season and Dirty Ploy

For the first time ever I went to WonderCon with the intention of purchasing something specifically to sell on eBay. I’ve sold random swag for movies I didn’t care for or buttons for things I’ve never watched before. Because hey, if you love OMGADORABLECHIBIANIME thing then more power to you. Better you have it and cherish it than me throw it away. But somehow buying something at a Con simply to profit makes me feel dirty.

So here’s the gist. WonderCon had these exclusive Green Lantern figures. Hal as a Black Lantern and Sinestro as a White Lantern. Limited to 1500 each exclusive to the con. To get them you had to wait in these long ass lines for a drawing for a CHANCE to buy them. So it was sort of boring and labor intensive to get these figures. In fact I spent a good 2-3 hours of the con in a line. I bought 4 figures for a total of $87. I sold 2 of them on eBay for $100. So I could actually keep the second set and I still made $23. So really it’s a win-win. I got monies, some guy in Canada gets a cool set of figures he wouldn’t otherwise have had.

So why do I feel like a con whore?

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