Tuesday, May 20, 2008

InDesign Seminar

Last Friday I went to a Kelby Training seminar on Adobe InDesign. It was held in the convention center in Sacramento, which is good because that's before the crazy Sacramento freeway interchange where 3 freeways called I-80 intersect with a bunch of other freeway's and I always take the wrong one. =)

The seminar was taught by Taz Tally who was exceptionally good. Not only did he make a software training class interesting, he had a lot of tips that were relevant to my job, not to mention a comparison/contrast with Quark. I learned a lot. I spent most of the seminar mentally banging my head into a wall wishing I had known this stuff a year ago when preparing my portfolio at Davis. I learned tons of time savers and shortcuts that I had no idea even existed. Plus there was a section on Adobe Bridge which is a feature that I just started using a few months ago - but I'm planing on using a lot more now since it has some excellent features (most notably the batch rename and info template).

The best thing is that the seminar came with a booklet that followed along with the seminar and had room in the margins for notes, so I could pay more attention to the demonstrations instead of furiously jotting notes like I was back in college. I also joined the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), which gives me access to tips and tricks for all the adobe products and discounts at a bunch of places. So here's to starting my new life as an InDesign pro.

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Teh Austin. said...

Sweet! I like seminars that are fun.

I went to a Micro$oft one back in the day, and got me a free copy of Office 2007. that made me happy.