Thursday, May 8, 2008

Open Office

For once I paid attention to some pop up advertising. Java was doing it's update thing and it had a little ad for a program called Open Office. So I went to the site and downloaded it. It's great! I use Works for all my word processing/spreadsheet needs. But it doesn't open .doc files. So when someone sends me a word file I can't open it. But Open Office is solving that for me in a big way - it even has a program to open Power Point files, and you can edit and save in the same format. This thing is awesome.

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Lost In Translation said...

Open Office is pretty dang Sweet. I Must say. I like it AND

its not from Micro$oft.

So that makes me pretty happy, I think that OFFICE is WAY to over priced. (Hence why I have never paid for it. I had friends who would "Give" me unlimited license copies!)