Tuesday, May 6, 2008

InDesign Seminar

So next friday I'll be up in Sacramento all day with a bunch of other designers and artsy people for an InDesign Seminar. I'm hoping this will bring back all the InDesign stuff I learned up at Davis. I haven't used the program since I graduated so this will be a nice refresher course and I'm hoping to pick up some advanced skills. It's from 10 to 5 so I'll be inundated with tons of info. But that's good. After that I'm planning on doing some mock-ups so I don't lose the skills.

Additionally I ordered Quark a few days ago and it should be on its way. Quark was one of those programs that we didn't learn in school. All of my teachers always insisted that it was an outdated program that no one used - come to find out nearly all the places I apply for work require it. So I'm going to do some online classes so I can at least be familiar with the program. Hopefully it'll be similar to InDesign so I'll be able to pick it up quickly.

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Lost In Translation said...

Don't you just hate it when your teachers are all "Burr, PROGRAMZ NWT GUD. U R DUMBZ FER UZING IT."

I had a teacher Tell me that about Linux.

He loves it now.